Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Shit Together

This post will be a little crass but not too graphic. It's about keeping your shit together… Cleanup in the center aisle... Looking out for Number 2...

Eating habits on-playa may go to shit. Our tips on easy Things to Eat may help.

Also consider a fiber supplement. Try at home first, but it helps most people feel more regular. Take 1 or 2 caps with a big glass of water. This is NOT a cleansing “time bomb” supplement so don’t worry, it’s just a bit more fiber.

Immodium: Take some to the Playa please.

Down to Business

No baby wipes in the PortaPotty! Even if it says “flushable”— it’s not compatible with the Porta so just don’t. Some people take their used wipes away in a ziplock. No thanks, but we have an alternative hack:

Get a little pack together for your “Shit Kit” (you don’t have to call it that, but we do):

  • Spritz bottle, backup TP, undercarriage toiletries, hand sanitizer

Mini spray bottle: Open it and remove the plastic straw. This allows the bottle to spray upside-down (you’ll see why).

Fill with water, 1 tablespoon witch hazel, and 1 drop of hand soap to make a gentle cleansing fluid. If you’re in a hurry, plain water works too.


Are you sitting down? After your appointment in the Porta, spritz yourself and clean up with TP, instead of a baby wipe. You can adjust the nozzle for a stream or mist, per your pleasure. This Playa Bidet sounds weird but you’ll appreciate it.

Also in your ShitKit: mini baby powder, travel-bottle of lotion, anti-chafing balm—depending on your issue down there. It never hurts to have Preparation H. Buy online to avoid eye contact.

Hand Sanitizers: Put them everywhere. You won’t regret having too many. One for backpack, cargo bike, pocket, etc.

Assemble your ShitKit in a fanny-pack or inner pocket of your backpack. Keep yourself #OnTheReg all week. Sorry, we know this a gross post. You don’t have to tell anyone you read it, but you’ll be glad you did!

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