What Not to Not Eat

What Not to Not Eat

You Need to Eat

Meal planning on-Playa is tough. Even the most rave-y sparklepony has to shove some calories in that gullet. Most people who crash and burn (in a bad way) forgot to eat enough.

  • Pro-tip: Eat like a 9 year old.

  • Second tip: Manage your cooler right and your ice lasts forever. See our other post.

Here are some of our favorites and tips from our Playa friends. Focus on simple, easy, and things you’ll actually want to eat!

Burritos (stop in Reno and grab a few to-go).

Sub sandwiches (also Reno to-go).

Peanut butter + jelly sandwiches

Backpacker meals:

These pouches are actually really good! Just add hot water. Check our amazing hack with a Jetboil and Thermos and you’ll have a portable, hot meal that lasts all night.

Pickles! That salty crunch is a delight.

Beef jerky.

Mac and cheese.

Crackers and cheese with Frito bean dip.

Chips and salsa.


We taste-tested instant coffee and these 2 are actually really good! The green jar is stronger espresso-style and will make a few dozen cups. The Starbucks pouches work if you travel light and just need a cup a day.

Hard veggies (baby carrots, snap peas, cherry tomatoes… Don’t bring broccoli or I will smell it out and kill you).

Cole slaw (cabbage salad keeps better than other greens).

Quesadillas: Tortillas, cheese, salsa and bean dip.

Tuna / Chicken canned (add to the Quesadilla or Mac+Cheese).

Pre-cooked bacon (add to Quesadilla or eat plain).


Candy / sweet snack.

Apples, mandarins.

Individually-wrapped snacks for your backpack (cracker packs, granola bars, etc).

Hot sauces.

Ramen (dress it up with our Faux Pho recipe):

Noodles, lunch meat, can of mixed veggies, hot sauce, hard-boiled egg if desired:

Hard boiled eggs: Just be careful peeling the stupid shells (nightmare MOOP).

Bagels and cream cheese.

Canned goods: Soup, chili mac, fruit cups.

Applesauce (also good for upset tummy).

Hand cleaners: Seriously. The Playa is fucking filthy. Do Not Get Diarrhea on Playa! Major party-foul. Take a variety pack of sanitizer gel and wipes for camp and your pocket. Put one in your tent, backpack, kitchen, and bike.

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