Your Tent is Your Castle

Your Tent is Your Castle

To survive in a tent, you don’t need fancy backpacking gear. Sturdiness, coolness, simplicity, and durability are your new friends. Get a size larger than you think you need. The playa is tough on fabrics so prepare your tent to be forever-dusty.

If you build our simple shade structure, your tent will be way cooler! Add a swamp cooler and you’ll need a blanket.

Essential Pick

For the Coleman or Cole-woman

Count the amazing features:

1. Poles are sewn in so you can’t lose them.
2. Windows zip all the way up to keep dust out.
3. External “skeleton” allows you to clip on a shade cover (tarp, camo-netting, or whatever).

Lab update--personal experience dictates you WILL need to use the included guylines for wind stability in this tent. So get a few extra rebars or lagbolts.

This tent is very handy, but has only 1 door, so maybe not the best for cranky tent-mates. Get the extra rainfly--it can rain in the desert! It comes in two sizes. 

The mega-size 10-person “Dark-Room” version looks intriguing but it has not been Playa-Tested yet! If you try it please let us know.

Luxury Larry

Delicious deluxe, at a price to match

The champion of burner tents. Expensive yes, but tested and durable. Room to stand up and resists dust and elements. These tents are not compact or lightweight, but they are pretty luxurious.

Comes in 4-man, 6-man, or 8-man sizes, depending on popularity of your orgy. 

Alternative Hacks

Start a tent fight


A tough competitor to Kodiak, Springbar will suit you right too. Culty followers argue their differences. Psst, don’t tell them... they’re almost exactly the same! Both are fantastic tents.  Comes in 6-man or 8-man sizes

Budget Bob

Disposable but gets you through the week

This no-name dome tent is quick and dirty, just like you. The mesh zips closed on nearly all the panels (except a little window up top) and it's roomy for a single. The little patio at the front door holds your boots and water jug. This baby will probably not last too many burns, but it'll do the job for Bob. 


Don't eat the candy canes

Just buy a 20-pack and call it done, would you? Are you really going to cut and bend metal at home? Who are you, Superman?

The pre-made rebar stakes are perfect for tents and small shade structures. For anything load-bearing, you need longer 14”+ stakes or lags, read our other post.

Do me a solid and get this liquid lube. Keeps your tent zippers running smooth and works on the bike too. 

The Bike Lights Spoke-th

The Bike Lights Spoke-th

Don't Lag Behind

Don't Lag Behind