How We Do

How We Do

What's the deal with The PlayaLabs? We are "For Burners, By Burners".

We run Lab Tests on-Playa every year and we experiment at home, just like teenagers. Countless hours of research and endless chatter all make your life easier. Only the creamiest crop gets recommended by The PlayaLabs and we always link to FREE-SHIPPING!

PlayaLabs Ratings:

Essential Picks

The PlayaLabs' prime cuts. Well-traveled and reasonably priced. You can't really go wrong. So good they get their own page for easy shopping. 

Luxury Larry

For the well-heeled Burner who wants a more primo experience. You know who you are. 

Budget Bob

Lower price but still decent. Hey Bob, this one's for you.

Alternative Hacks

A very similar product that is just too good not to mention.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon