Love Generation

Love Generation

Essential Pick

The undisputed favorite for features and reliability

Honda just released an updated version.

NOTE: The updated EU2200i sold from Feb 18 to Feb 19 has a safety recall! Uh-oh. Read more.

While the Recall is being sorted out, the Yamaha below is a great runner up. If you can find the previous Honda “EU2000i,” it’s an excellent machine.

The updated “EU2200i” has a bit more power and features. Yes, the Honda is pricey because Honda knows how good it is. Other burners know too, so you can resell it later. With features to run your 12v gadgets (like the Swamp Cooler) and plug-in devices. Rally your camp and buy this centerpiece, you won’t regret it. Don’t scrimp on the 1000w version, it only saves you a little money for half the power. 

Alternative Hack

The main difference? It's blue, dummy

The Yamaha EF2000i is the Honda's little blue twin. PlayaLabs testers have great luck with both machines. The Yamaha is cheaper now that the Honda has a new model on the shelf.

Budget Bob

Cautiously Bob-timistic

It's hard to recommend anything but the quality Honda and Yamaha. But the price point isn’t in everyone's budget. This Westinghouse has been well-reviewed and is backed by a 3 year warranty. The product has not been through full Playa vetting but the signs point to a decent product.

Luxury Larry

Take 2 and call me in the morning

The Honda EU2200i Generator is so good, there's no need to recommend an upscale version. For luxury conditions, buy two Hondas and this Parallel Cable kit to double your output.

Care and Feeding

PlayaLabs testers always recommend starting any generator at home and getting familiar with the settings.

Genny is a thirsty girl. Bring the right fuel and fluids. This quart size is properly rated for any of the machines above and would allow about 2 fillups.

You weren't about to drive away without fuel, were you??

Thumbs Down


PlayaLabs does not recommend cheap non-inverter generators. They are loud, smoky, and historically unreliable on the playa. Would you like a broken machine to trip over in the middle of the night, because it's dark and the power is out? Then buy one of these.

Eat Me

Eat Me

Gift a Man a Fish

Gift a Man a Fish