Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride

Here’s just a quickie with some bike tips. Don't trick your ride with oversize wheels or custom forks... that makes it hard if you need a-fixin'. Keep the bike's bones basic. Bring extra beers and snacks for the bike camps, they do an incredible service! Often they do it naked.

(For a fun cargo bike project , see our other tutorial. For the basics, keep reading here). Bike lights are fun and necessary. There are millions of options: look for stuff that is not too moopy and will stand up to a week of abuse. Bring extra batteries! We’ll add some recommendations after checking with the Lab.

Essential Picks

If there's an unofficial bike of Burning Man, this is it:

It's reasonably priced, versatile, and so common that parts and repairs are A-OK. The Cranbrook can be gifted to the Yellowbike program or passed on to future burners.

This is about the cheapest bike you can find, so the Huffy Cranbrook earns a double medal for our Budget Bob rating too.

Luxury Larry

Lighter, faster, comfortable-er:

The aluminum frame resists corrosion and will last through many burns. Typical shifters don’t do well on dust drifts but this internal hub 3-speeder is Playa-tested and approved. Laid-back rider position is perfect for midnight hauls to the trash fence. Quality is a step up from the Huffy too. You might ride this one all the way home!


Money well spent:

There's a special place in hell for bike thieves. Lock up, keep your ride, and discourage the dickheads. Testing confirms combo locks are better than keys (ever dropped your key down a porta???). The coiled cable is best--a Ulock can't wrap around your buddy's bike or other random things on the playa.

A tisket, a tasket, what can you put in this basket? Ice bags. 12 packs. A furry coat. A gallon of water (or urine). It detaches and you can make a handy-dandy locking lid (tutorial coming soon). 

Bring a tool, don’t be one. My hero!

An adjustable crescent wrench is a good addition too. A 15-mm wrench and 9/16 wrench ain’t never hurt nobody.


Bikes like to fall down. A good kickstand is a must. A tennis ball on the kickstand foot is a good idea but can still tip over. This “traditional” style kickstand that attaches to the rear hub is a big improvement! It can take a little skill to attach but see our Carg0-Bike tutorial.

White Lightning is lube that stands up to playa dust. You want this. Otherwise you'll have to spit on it.

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