Emergency Post!

The Burning Man masterminds just put out an article about their Permit from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Burners should send public comment ASAP.

UPDATE: Based on Theme Camp Symposium, Burning Man Org says individual comments are preferred.

This form below ↓ will auto-send to BLM.gov, but please enter your own comments. Some suggested talking points from the article are:

  • If you feel strongly that concrete or plastic barriers at the fence line would impact your experience at the Burning Man event, that Leaving No Trace is an important principle for us as Burners to continue to embody and hold in highest regard, or that increased wait times and traffic due to new search and seizure operations by BLM’s private security company would be problematic, we strongly encourage you to formally submit a comment to BLM.

The Playalab’s comment letter is still here if you want to see it, but please make comments your own.

You can also submit direct on the government website here or email direct to: blm_nv_burningmaneis@blm.gov

Deadline April 29, 2019. This is not some namby-pamby “suggested” deadline. Federal Agencies do not accept comments after the end date, period.

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More Details:

Things are getting pretty bureaucratic! The documents are several hundred pages long! Burning Man Org’s main concerns are the Government “replacing, overseeing, or managing operations”.

 Specifically, BLM wants Burning Man to:

  • Hire and pay for a 3rd party security company, who will inspect and search EVERYONE on the way in.

  • Install 10-miles of K-Rail Jersery Barrier around the entire event perimeter to fight “unauthorized entry”.

  • Install dumpsters at Exodus and run a trash service to empty and haul trash.

  • Pay Washoe County additional cash (despite the $9 million+ tax-revenue and fees that the event already generates and contributes).  


BLM is inserting these requirements without the Org’s support, despite ongoing discussions and negotiations that Burning Man is already having with local agencies. This is another example of Big Federal Government overreach.

Let’s hit them with LOTS of comments! It actually does help to have thousands of public comments inundating the agency. This is democracy in action.

Please stay involved, thanks!