Coming Soon… ?

The PlayaLabs: 'For Burners, By Burners' 

We're too busy getting ready for the Burn to dick around with our Bio page. Our PlayaLabs testers are real burners first and bloggers second. We'll get around to a better page soon. Or will we? 

The PlayaLabs testers have personally built, used, and/or researched all of the gear on the site. We do not sell any items and our articles and tutorials are 100% free. The site is provided without banners or pop-ups or other ads, meaning we pay out-of-pocket for the domain and web-hosting fees, to bring the site to YOU for free.

Full transparency: We do get a small commission (from 1 to 4%) if you purchase from Amazon using the links on the site. It helps offset some of our research, camp events and playa gifts, and web fees, so Thank You! The articles and tutorials are always free and you can purchase the gear anywhere you'd like, if you don’t want to use the Amazon links.